RedOwl Management Dashboard

Date: July 2017

Duration: 2 weeks

Role: Lead designer (ideation, research, wireframing, high fidelity design, prototyping, review, implementation guidance, client presentation, & feedback integration)

The Problem

In the Compliance world, teams are required by law to review a random sample of “events” (communications, trade activity, etc) every year, which they do through RedOwl. Managers of these teams need an easy way to monitor the progress of the reviewers they oversee.

I worked closely with internal and external stakeholders at RedOwl to define needs, create designs, and implement a Management Dashboard to simplify to effectively solve this pain point.

The Solution

Invision Prototype here

The Process

  • group brainstorming with product manager
  • solo brainstorming
  • whiteboarding & review
  • research, high fidelity design, review, & iteration
  • prototyping, review, & iteration
  • executive review & sign off
  • engineering kickoff & implementation


Group Brainstorming with Product Manager

High level conversations about a Management Dashboard had been floating around for months, until the feature made it to the product roadmap given the growing number of requests from clients. Once we were ready to kick off the project, I had a brainstorming session with the product manager (located in another office) where we reviewed the very high level requirements they had put together. I asked various questions to tease out additional requirements, smooth out some kinks, and get more clarity on the feature. We compared the main user of this Dashboard with the set of User Personas my team created to use as a rough guideline of user behavior. With that said, we try not to let our Personas replace our communications directly with clients. Along with the PM, we discussed the priority level (Must, Should, Could, Would) of the requirements.

Note: As RedOwl is a geographically distributed company, communicating clearly, efficiently, and often was extremely important. Throughout the process, I maintained a Confluence page accessible to anyone at the company with mocks, questions, decisions made, meeting notes, and more.