Hi! I’m a design leader, speaker, & teacher with experience fostering design at startups in NY and Los Angeles, CA.


Design Leadership

As a design leader at a number of startups, my role is constantly evolving, but at the core my goal is to empower the people around me (designer or not) to grow the design culture and solve user needs. Fostering the design team within an organization takes work inside and outside of the team to ensure we can collaborate closely with others to work towards business goals.


Mobile Design - SoLo Funds

As a founder, I crafted the initial brand, pitch materials, and marketing before joining full time to lead the design efforts across all fronts. On the product design side, I coordinate and lead all research, user testing, prototyping, design, and storytelling to create an intuitive product that attracts tens of thousands of new users every month.

SoLo is a mobile lending platform created to connect lenders and borrowers in need of short term loans under $1,000. Almost 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and a third of us don’t have any savings at all. 60% of Americans say they can’t cover a $1,000 emergency.

Our users have the flexibility to set their own terms and we offer free financial literacy courses to help everyone improve their financial health. Since April 2018 we have facilitated more than $3 Million in loans through financial collaboration.


Internal Tools - Oscar Health

Healthcare is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Oscar Health is focused on bringing transparency and ease to healthcare, even when it comes to internal tools. As a designer at Oscar, I collaborated closely with product managers, engineers, and business stakeholders to tackle complex challenges on Oscar’s internal tools team.

During my time at Oscar, I built entire platforms from scratch for Utilization Management, Eligibility & Billing, Telemedicine, and Provider Services, in addition to crafting the NextGen (known internally as “Elbow”) of entity management across Oscar’s member base, all of which required close collaboration with many teams and organized, technical thinking.


Enterprise Tools

At RedOwl, I educated the company about the value of design, led product demos in client meetings, and built and led a design team. We specialized in visualizing number-heavy data to enable users (security teams at large banks and hedge funds in most cases) to quickly asses different types of risk for people and other entities. In layman’s terms, this means ensuring that a bank’s security team could monitor that employee who scanned their badge at the office at 2am, loaded something onto a thumb drive, and then printed 200 pages.

I led all design functions within RedOwl, overseeing all brand, marketing, and product design for two years before leading the design team through RedOwl’s acquisition by Forcepoint (a Raytheon company).


Speaking, Awards, & Press