Camera 2 PDF


Design, Development, UX Research, Wireframing


Paper, Photoshop, HTML, CSS


August 2013



I took the liberty of redesigning a friend’s personal website. He is an Android developer and the goal was to highlight a summary of his work while providing details on how to contact him.

I began the project in Photoshop and then coded a partially-functioning website. I collected the types of information my friend wanted to share on his site and then began playing around with different layout options for the site. I wanted to highlight the work he had done on Android, and made the choice to display an Android phone with screenshots (or videos if he eventually made them) inside of the phone.

I decided to develop the site myself for fun.


As part of this project, I decided to help my friend redesign his Android application, which allows users to take a photo of any document and convert the photo to a PDF. I began by going through the existing similar applications to better understand actions, user flow, and overall feel. I then proceeded to sketch a redesigned user flow and some mocks on paper. After reviewing with my friend, I translated the sketches to Photoshop and presented the mocks of the entire application.